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The Dutch student team builds a solar-powered caravan and has started a road trip in Europe!

A team of students in the Netherlands has built a fully solar-powered RV called Stella Vita, which has been tested recently. It is reported that the energy generated by the roof solar panels can meet the needs of car driving and car life, so there is no need to rely on any charging facilities.

A student engineer on the team stated that Stella Vita can travel 454 miles (about 730 kilometers) at a top speed of 75 miles (about 120 kilometers) per hour on a sunny day.

At present, the team has embarked on a journey from Paris to Tarifa, the southernmost city of Spain, to prove the actual level of this solar-powered caravan. If Stella Vita can withstand long-distance travel, then this solar power technology may open up a future path for the RV field.

One of the team members, Tjin Ter Horst, said that the biggest challenge in the design was how to improve the streamlined appearance of the RV through aerodynamic principles. He pointed out that the team is committed to creating a comfortable and beautiful RV. At the same time, its efficiency is also very important.

The Dutch student team builds a solar caravan and has started road trips in Europe!
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