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Solar energy becomes more and more mainstream, Jiangxi Yingli photovoltaic power generation

As we all know, the development of the global economy is inseparable from energy. The development of new energy has become a huge problem facing mankind. On the one hand, the limited energy of coal and petroleum, on the other hand, the greenhouse gases released by the burning of traditional energy, which deteriorate the living environment of mankind.

Therefore, mining is inexhaustible and will not damage the environment, and safe and reliable new energy is inevitable. The sun contains huge energy. Solar energy illuminates the earth for about 40 minutes, which is enough to meet global energy consumption and is an ideal energy source with a bright future.

Yingli Photovoltaic came into being. The brand entered the solar photovoltaic power generation industry as early as 1998. In 1999, it undertook the country's first 3MW polysilicon solar cell and application system demonstration project. It is a world-renowned solar photovoltaic company.

According to Jiangxi Yingli Photovoltaic, the energy structure of photovoltaic power generation in the 21st century has undergone major changes. The country is no longer the only main body of development. More and more ordinary people enter the photovoltaic power generation market as a supply and marketing system.

In addition, the state has also issued various policies to encourage ordinary people to participate more in the green development of photovoltaic power generation through subsidies and network access. It can be said that Jiangxi Yingli photovoltaic power generation realizes the "energy dream" of ordinary people. Everyone can have their own electric energy and consume the electric energy produced by themselves.

This is why photovoltaic power generation is popular among ordinary people. After all, the installation of the Jiangxi Yingli photovoltaic power generation system is equivalent to installing a family power station. The electricity generated by the system can not only be used by oneself, but also be integrated into the grid to earn income. What's more important is that now is a good period for photovoltaic power generation, and subsidies are particularly high.

It can be said that the residents who installed Jiangxi Yingli photovoltaics praised them. Many villagers saw their neighbors' homes and felt very good, and they quickly installed them in their homes.

As predicted by Jiangxi Yingli Photovoltaics, the combination of new countryside and photovoltaic power generation is inevitable, and it is also an important node in the next development period of photovoltaic power generation. The integration of photovoltaic power generation into rural construction will not only build a clean and beautiful countryside, but also every concern. The vital interests of a villager.

Therefore, in the construction of photovoltaic power generation system, Jiangxi Yingli Photovoltaic more respects the needs of the villagers, starting from the actual situation, making products and services, so that the villagers can enjoy the value and convenience brought by new energy.

As we all know, one of the requirements of my country’s future energy development strategy for vigorously developing solar energy, Jiangxi Yingli Photovoltaic will also closely follow the national development requirements, continuously improve R&D, technology and service levels, and provide Everbright consumers and service providers with better photovoltaic power generation systems. Together to welcome the broad prospects of photovoltaic power generation!

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