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Fourth in the world! Lu'an solar cell shipments surge

As the world’s top ten PER cell manufacturer, Shanxi Lu’an Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd. has a photovoltaic integrated production capacity of 7.5GW, of which high-efficiency cell production capacity is 5GW, crystal pull production capacity is 1GW, and high-efficiency module production capacity is 1.5GW, which is the largest photovoltaic in North China. The manufacturing enterprise is also the state-owned enterprise with the largest production capacity of batteries and modules in the country. In recent years, with continuous technological innovation and a well-developed global sales and service network, the company has continued to develop the photovoltaic industry, occupying a certain market share in the global photovoltaic cell and module supply side. In 2020, battery shipments will rank fourth in the industry, and will rank first in foreign exchange earnings in Changzhi City for five consecutive years.

In the first half of 2021, under the influence of the tight supply of upstream raw materials, the company took the initiative to make scientific research and judgment of local supply and demand relations, accelerate the layout of raw material procurement, actively adjust product structure and upgrade the efficiency of production lines and other measures to ensure that the operating rate is the highest in the industry. one. At the same time, the company analyzed the market in depth and adjusted its overseas marketing strategy in a timely manner. The company mainly promoted superior products such as silicon oxynitride. The foreign trade export momentum was strong. In the first half of the year, the overseas sales achieved 76% of the annual overseas sales target.

According to the relevant person in charge of the company, 8 of the world's top ten module shippers are customers of Lu'an Solar. In the next step, Lu'an Solar will anchor the "3060" dual carbon target, lock in market demand, plan ahead, and maintain a growth rate of at least 50% on the basis of last year's exports in the second half of the year. Mainstream product production and sales track, and strive to occupy a larger market share in the future market competition.

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