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CCTV: solar PV town is no longer a dream

    In Qingdao Jimo Pu Dong Zhen Liang Jia Huang Cun, a construction of more than and 70 rural households in photovoltaic system renovation project has been completed and successfully connected to the grid.200 villagers free use of solar power, realize the economy and convenience of the solar power generation brings.

Photovoltaic town can be regarded as a new model to explore new urbanization in recent years, the degree of concern gradually improved, not only reduce energy consumption, but the entire town into a single energy system, the formation of such a benign operation, Can be seen in the Qingdao Jimo Pu Dong Zhen Liang Jia Huang Cun, street new solar LED lights as bright village appearance, at the same time, every household on the roof, have installed solar panels neatly arranged. This small pieces of crystalline silicon photovoltaic electricity board, not only let the villagers under each province each month of electricity, the power over the part of the national grid full acquisition, and subsidies.

Can foreknow, with continuously decreasing breakthroughs in photovoltaic manufacturing technology and the cost of power generation, in the near future, large-scale photovoltaic power gradually replace coal-fired power generation will become an irreversible trend. Therefore, for photovoltaic enterprises, who can as soon as possible to solve the high cost of photovoltaic power generation this problem, who will be able to seize the commanding heights of the market. To obtain long-term development. At present, Sanac has been extended to the terminal photovoltaic enterprises, communities, so that the owners and residents more, enjoy the maximum benefit of PV brings.

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